You should celebrate the most beautiful day of your life at the most beautiful place in the Baltic Sea - at Hotel NEPTUN.

Put yourself trustingly in the hands of our professional wedding planners - you will not have to worry about anything. You seek for higher grounds? So you could rent our Sky-Bar, 64 m high and with panorama view over the Baltic Sea and the harbour of Warnemünde. Or you can plan a unique wedding ceremony directly at the beach.

Your Wedding - unique & exclusive

This shall be the best day of your life und we want to create the perfect all-round package for you. We are happy to organise your celebration.

Our Offer

  • An extraordinary venue with sea view
  • Creation of your own homemade
  • Romantic wedding decorations
  • Musical and artistic performances for your celebration
  • Welcome ceremony with the option of a "Polterabend" celebration, tree trunk sawing,wedding bread and salt
  • Fireworks
  • Limousine service, carriage and boat rides
  • A photographer that captures your most beautiful moments
  • Style advice, make-up and festive hairdos
  • And much more...

In summer, we are also able to plan your unique wedding ceremony by the beach of Warnemünde.


Our present for you

If you celebrate your wedding with over 15 guests at our hotel, we are happy to invite you to your wedding night.