Worth seeing
Worth seeing

Worth seeing

Warnemünde - Gateway to the Baltic Sea

Warnemünde got its' name by the river Warnow, which enters the Baltic Sea here. Many cruise liners arrive the port during summer. The former fishermen's village is shaped by the unique architecture as for example the light house, the so-called "Teepott" (English: old-fashioned diction for tea cup) as well as the historical city center.

Walk along the promenade or take the opportunity for an excursion with one of the numerous pasenger vessels and cutters. A special highlight is also visiting the fish market of Warnemünde. Buy feshly caught fish and listen to the fascinating stories of the old fisher men at the so-called Alten Strom.
Warnemünde posseses one of the most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea coast with a width up to 100 m. Here you can relax in the sun or spend your holidays actively by doing water sports.

Warnemünde - A Journey of Exploration

Short film about the unique and beautiful Baltic Sea spa town, which fascinates guests from all over the world with its martime flair. Get inspired by Warnemünde and this journey of exploration through it. 100 % Warnemünde – 100 % made in Warnemünde

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Rostock - The Pearl of the North!

This city's history has been written here for nearly 800 years, but Rostock is still very young.

Once an important member of the Hanseatic League, the city has retained a lot of its original charm, but has never closed itself off. Students had always made sure of that: The Rostock "Alma Mater", already established in 1419, is the oldest university in the Baltic Sea area.

The Baltic Sea owes its significance to Rostock, and the Warnow owes its name to it.  "Roztoc" is Slavic and its translation, "diffluence", refers to the Warnow River's wide course between the city port and Warnemünde. Even today, sailboats can find a weather-resistant port here that is not far off from the open sea. 
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