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Supporting Programs & Incentives

Experience the exhilarating power of the sea, find the perfect balance for your body, mind and soul and get inspiration that will make you and your team even more successful ...

We are welcoming you with numerous ideas on how to complete and round up your program nicely:

  • Get in shape for a stressful day with early exercising on the beach
  • Fill up with fresh oxygen: Beach walks directly in the aerosol surf zones
  • For relaxation in between: Gymnastics on the beach
  • Cardiovascular training with sea view
  • Swimming in our seawater Swimming Pool
  • Massages & Original-Thalasso
  • Water gymnastics and back therapy training
  • Sauna area visit with Finnish Sauna and sea view, sanarium with scents, colors, and relaxation music, crystal steam bath and much more
Sauna with Sea View at the NEPTUN SPA
Seawater Swimming Pool
Golf in Warnemünde

Programs out of the ordinary ...

Here is a small selection of trips and excursions:

  • Barbecue at our Beach Bar NEPTUN´s DÜNE 13
  • Bicycle Tour through Warnemünde
  • Birdcall: Crane Watching on the Peninsula of Darß
  • Charavbanc Ride
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting on the High Seas
  • Deap-Sea Fishing
  • Kite Festival
  • Midnight Kitchen Party
  • Neptun Baptism on the High Seas
  • Nostalgic Trip with the old Steam Locomotive "Molli"
  • Rustic Fishing Boat Trip
  • Sailing Adventures
  • Sandcastle Olympics
  • Speed Sailing
  • Torch-lit Hike
  • Trial Course Golf
  • Visiting the Forest- and Charburner Yard
  • Walking through the Seaside Resort Warnemünde
  • Your small Cocktail-School