Original Thalasso
Original Thalasso

Original Thalasso

Original Thalassotherapy is more than just a vacation by the Baltic Sea.

A combination of exercise, healthy eating, and relaxation by the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde has a revitalizing, cleansing, and relaxing effect on the body, putting Original Thalassotherapy in a class of its own. You simply feel younger, and you can see it too: a fresh radiance, smooth skin, and a tight connective tissue will convince you of the fact.


What is Thalasso?

  • Treatments with the natural resources are used here: the sea, the mild, stimulating climate and algae.
  • In addition to our beloved sea water baths, there are massages, sea water sprinklings and Algae Body Packs.

Thalasso application are suitable for:

  • Improves Your Immune System & Raises Your Well-Being
  • Provides For A Soothing Feeling Throughout Your Body
  • Detoxifies And Purges
  • Fights Stress, Exhaustion & Burnout

What does Thalasso includes?

Nutritious algae and mud packs, hot sea water baths with underwater massages, sauna & steam rooms, efficient massages, refreshing Kneipp baths and effective spurt massages, relaxing Vichy showers and healthy brine inhalations provide energy and power for your body. The Thalassotherapy program is complemented usefully by a great range of courses including aqua fitness, nordic walking, yoga, tai chi, pilates, tae bo, back exercising, jogging, progressive muscle relaxation and body styling - or only complemented by rest - just as you like it.

We offer you Original Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy Centers are subject to certain international quality criteria, because in order to offer Original Thalassotherapy, the following criteria must be met:

  • The center must be located directly by the sea, and lie within the sea climate's direct influence.
  • Freshly-obtained seawater must be used for the treatment.
  • Seawater may not be treated so as to preserve its ingredients.
  • The center must have at least one seawater swimming pool and a sufficient amount of cabins, so that every spa guest can receive 3 individual treatments every day.
  • The center must have one or more doctors on-site and employ a professional team of masseurs, hydrotherapists, and sports trainers.
  • Hygiene and security checks are to be done on a permanent and regular basis.
  • Health-building activities in the areas of relaxation, nutritional counseling, and bodily activities are to be offered jointly.
Hotel NEPTUN meets all of these criteria


Thalasso makes your life fresh ...

that's how it works! Our Thalasso movie.

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Thalasso offers with overnight stays

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