Thalasso treatments
Thalasso treatments

Thalasso treatments

Here is original Thalasso at home!

Since 1996 we have been - as the first original Thalasso centre in Germany - the experts for the healing powers of the sea. We offer you Thalasso offers according to international quality criteria. The key to success is regional, authentic products, a permanent, highly qualified team of employees and the highest quality standards. You will feel the success. After just a few days you will feel more relaxed, beautiful and vital!

Thalasso Classic

Seawater bath with algae incl. full body sea scrub

Relaxing time 50 min. 65 € p. P.

Full body scrub

Algae calcium pack incl. peeling or sea silt pack with sea salt peeling

Relaxing time aprox. 50 min, € 70 p. P.

Seawater baths

With intensive hydromassage in the original thalassowater tub with 252 jets and bath additive of your choice

Relaxing time aprox. 20 mi, € 35 p. P.

Peeling massage

Hole body care with a sea salt oil peeling

Relaxing time aprox. 20 min, € 40 p. P.


Sea water bath with algae and intensive hydromassage incl. whole body sea peeling and whole body algae calcium pack

Relaxing time aprox. 80 min, € 125 p.P.

Thalasso introductory day

  • Thalasso Classic: full body sea scrub, seawater bath with seaweed and intensive hydromassage  (approx. 50 minutes), Thalasso facial (70 minutes), a  fresh breeze in the aerosol relaxation room (25 minutes), a relaxing tea on the Thalasso relaxation deck and a little Thalasso gif
Relaxing time aprox. 2,5 hours, € 152 p. P.

The freshness of the sea provides a vitalizing relaxation of the body and a smooth skin. We recommend that you book your pampering treatments before your arrival. Our spa staff will be happy to advise you.

3 days Thalasso-Program „Fit & vital“

Day 1

Seawater pressure jet shower „Jet", Thalasso classic and vital back massage (25 min)

Day 2

Mist spray shower „Vichy", full body algae pack and thalassic facial care (50 min)

Day 3

Seawater bath with hydromassage, full-body sea silt pack and vital back massage (25min)

Relaxing time on 3 days approx. 2 Stunden, € 399 p.P.

Save twice and book our „active tip" right away: 5 group activities of your choice and weekly course program for 25 € p. P.